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It's important for you to know that when you're sharing your information, it's being looked after. That's why we've laid out a policy that clearly tells you: when we collect your information, how we use it, and what we use it for.

Terms & Definitions
First, some clarity on the terms we use throughout this policy:

Our Website All the pages, sections and subdomains of our website (atlantismodellingagency.co.uk)
Join The Family Our term given to the page aspiring models use to register their interest in our services

When you put your information directly into Our Website, you're giving us your permission to use in accordance with this policy. We agree to use it explicitly as we've detailed below, and always with the commitment to do so safely, securely, and responsibly.

Who We Are
We are the Data Controller for all information that you consent to enter directly into Our Website. Our name and address details: Atlantis Modelling Agency: . You can also contact us by telephone on , by email using our Contact Form.

What We Collect & How We Use It
We'll collect information from you when it's required for the purpose of providing you with a service, or securing a model booking. If you agree, we may also use this information to tell you about other services of ours that may be of interest to you. We will collect this information from you when you use our Contact form, or when you submit a Join The Family application.

What we typically collect includes, but isn't limited to:

- Name
- Contact information (such as telephone numbers or email addresses)
- If a Join The Family application is successful, other personal information such as your height, measurements, eye and hair colour, and shoe size

We do not collect, or store any payment method information on our website or systems.

Information Sharing
We'll only ever share your information with carefully selected third parties, and only when absolutely necessary. Where we share this information, we will ensure it is done so securely, using industry standards where possible.

We will never sell/trade your information.

Storage & Retention
Information entered directly into Our Website is stored securely in the United Kingdom. Remember that our partners may store your data outside of the United Kingdom, and perhaps outside of the European Union. Please refer to their policies on data storage.

We will hold on to your information for however long is strictly necessary. If you register an account to buy products, we will hold your information for as long as you choose to keep that account active on our system. If you send us information to request a quotation, we'll hold on to this for six months. You may request removal of your account and/or information at any time by using our Contact Form. Such requests will result in immediate, permanent deletion of your information. Where we've collected backups of our data, your information will also be removed from these backups.

Your Rights
We'll always do right by you when it comes to your information, but it's important to know your rights. You have the right to:

- Access the information we hold about you
- Correct or delete anything we hold about you
- Remove any consent you've given us in relation to storing/using your information
- Specifically restrict how we process/use your information either in part or as a whole
- Raise a complaint about the way we've collected, handled or used your data to the Information Commissioner's Office.

You can get more information from us, or exercise your above rights, by using our Contact Form. We will personally respond to all requests within five working days. Please note, that we cannot release information that may compromise the privacy of another individual, nor can we delete information about you that we are legally required to keep by law.

External Websites
Every so often, we may refer you to external resources or information on external websites, not all of which will be one of our partners. We cannot accept any responsibility for your experience on these external websites, nor do we accept any responsibility for any loss you may incur by using them. We encourage you to review fully the specific privacy policy of any website you visit.


Cookies are small files placed on your computer by websites you visit. The primary purpose of these cookies is to store information about you and your computer's hardware/software. It's important that you know what cookies we store, and why, so we lay out the name of the cookie we store, whether it's Essential (required for proper operation of our site), for Preferences (to store your selections/options), or Analytical (to help improve our website, products or services).

Cloudflare Essential (Required for full function)
To help us manage your cookies notification with the help of an external partner.

Google reCaptcha Essential (Required for full function)
To help us prevent spam and misuse of our website and service.

PHPSESSID Essential (Required for full function)
To temporarily record a one-time ID that's used to improve your experience whilst on Our Website. Automatically deletes when you close most browsers.

Login Cookies (Where relevant) Preferential (Optional but beneficial)
Stored for 24 hours to remember your login details exclusively on your device.

Google Analytics Analytics (Optional)
To help us improve our website and services by determining which areas of the site are used more frequently.

You can also manually remove cookies placed on your computer using your browser's settings. Keep in mind that manual removal may mean you do not receive the full functionality and intended experience on our website.